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Redesign Rethink: The Top Three Overlooked Elements in Home Makeover

Have you ever embarked on a home makeover journey, armed with a Pinterest board and a dream, only to find the end result lacking that certain 'je ne sais quoi'? You're certainly not alone. As an experienced professional in the field, I've been right where you are, and have seen many in the same boat, scrolling through endless inspiration pictures, envisioning the perfect home transformation. But here’s the inside scoop: there’s more to a fabulous makeover than just selecting aesthetically pleasing elements. In fact, nailing the perfect layout is absolutely everything. Over my years in this field, I've witnessed countless mistakes and oversights made by individuals undertaking home renovations. That's precisely why today, we're here to not only unveil the most commonly overlooked elements in home makeovers but also provide expert solutions to address them.

Before you choose nick-nacks you should nail the layout first! Image credit: House & Garden UK

Long Term Functionality

In the world of home renovations, it's easy to get swept up in current trends and personal preferences, forgetting that life is an ever-evolving journey. Long-term functionality means designing spaces that can adapt to different life stages and changing family dynamics. For instance, that trendy home office today could become a nursery tomorrow, and that open-plan kitchen can transition gracefully into a cozy dining area. It's about future-proofing your home, ensuring it remains as functional and inviting in the years to come as it is today. In essence, it's the art of creating a home that evolves with you, reflecting the beautiful chapters of your life.

Adequate Storage Solutions

Second to our list is Storage Storage Storage! Yes, people often think they've got it covered, but reality often reveals a different story. Ever had that moment where you wonder, "Where on earth did I put that?" Adequate storage isn't just about hiding stuff; it's your secret weapon for a clutter-free and serene home. Think walk-in closets for your fashion treasures, hidden kitchen nooks for your culinary gadgets, and clever bedroom storage for your secrets (we won't tell). But it's not just about the 'where,' it's also about the 'how.' Imagine pantry shelves that spin to reveal your spice collection, under-bed drawers that make your bedroom seem magically spacious, and entryway cubbies that turn chaos into a welcoming first impression. These aren't just storage solutions; they're your home's organizational maestros. So, as you embark on your redesign journey, remember that the true magic lies not just in what you see but in how seamlessly you can stow away life's little treasures, creating a harmonious and stress-free living space.

Storage solutions are to be smart and designed for the people who would use them. Image credit: House & Garden UK

Lighting and Electrical Planning

Finally, Let's shed some light on an often overlooked yet game-changing aspect of home makeovers – lighting and electrical planning. Picture this: you've designed a stunning living room with exquisite furnishings, but as night falls, it's like the room goes into hiding. Proper lighting isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating the right mood, enhancing functionality, and bringing your space to life, day or night. Unfortunately, it's one of those elements that can be easily underestimated. Many people miss the opportunity to incorporate varied lighting options, from ambient and task lighting to dramatic accent lighting that highlights your favourite artwork. Imagine having the flexibility to set the scene for a cozy movie night or brighten up your kitchen workspace for culinary adventures. But it's not just about the fixtures; it's also about the strategic placement of outlets. Ever found yourself stretching a cord to its limit just to charge your phone? Inadequate outlet planning can lead to practical headaches post-renovation. We're talking about having outlets where you need them – conveniently placed for lamps, appliances, and all your tech gadgets. So, as you embark on your redesign journey, don't let your space be in the dark. Think about how lighting can transform your home's ambiance and how the right electrical planning can make your life more convenient. It's not just about what you see; it's about how your space makes you feel, any time of the day or night.

Demonstration of different lighting serves different purposes and they needed to be planned ahead. Image credit: Visualizer: Ivan Stoyka

The Solution: Ask the Right Questions for a Home That Fits Like a Glove

So, how do we avoid these common pitfalls in our home makeovers? It all comes down to asking the right questions. Think of it as your secret sauce for a home that not only looks fantastic but also functions seamlessly for you and your family, now and in the future. Begin by pondering who the end user of the space is. Is it just you, a family, or a mix of roommates and guests? Will they be using different areas at the same time, needing separate zones for work, relaxation, or entertainment? Dive into the details of your daily life – are you someone who craves quiet evenings of unwinding or loves hosting lively gatherings?

And speaking of gatherings, where will your guests go when they need to freshen up? Let's agree, no one wants to navigate through your kitchen to reach the bathroom. And laundry day? Let's ensure you have a designated spot for hanging those freshly washed clothes. Don't forget the practical aspects – where will your cleaning products call home, and just how many clothes do you have that need a cozy space?

Asking these questions may seem like a detective's work, but it's the key to designing a home that fits like a glove. It's about creating spaces that reflect not just your style but also your lifestyle. So, grab a notepad, jot down these questions, and let them be your guiding light in your home makeover journey. It's the art of turning your home into a space that not only impresses but also serves you beautifully, day in and day out. Ready to embark on a makeover that's tailor-made for you?

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