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Updated: Nov 13, 2023

What does it take to preview your vision for your renovation project? how do I know if my colour scheme would work? or if the finishes will present the way I wanted them to?

Create a Computer Generated Image

You can create a Computer Generated Image, as known as CGI, this will allow you to visualise your vision prior to construction. Commitment issues? That's ok, this is why it is important to put the visuals together beforehand, you can then decide if this layout suits your lifestyle the best way possible, or, hire a professional to create and present for you.

Why you should hire an Interior Designer?

Interior designers can save you from wasting money on furnishings and furniture that are unsuitable, the wrong style or size, or poorly manufactured. Not only we would give you the professional advice on the design, the look, being in the furniture industry means we also provide the knowledge on how to shop your furniture. As well as having access to trade suppliers and can specify custom furniture with competitive pricing to suit your size and comfort requirements.

Want to start or still have questions? Give us a call or email to schedule a free 30 min consultation!

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